The Family Engagement Project

Research shows that parents are one of the biggest influences on youth interest and persistence in STEM. Yet, with few exceptions, when it comes to leveraging family engagement for youth success in informal STEM, there is a disconnect between research and practice. We believe that family engagement has the potential to change the entire field when it is a core element of programming and funding.
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Catalyzing Family Engagement in STEM​

STEM Next Opportunity Fund is taking a leading role in raising awareness and inspiring programs, foundations, corporate partners and policy-makers to take action on family engagement. While our primary focus is on family engagement in out-of-school settings, we believe it is essential to bridge family engagement strategies to pre-K through 12 schools. Many of the strategies we will write about are as applicable to in school as they are to informal and out-of-school programs. Our ultimate goal is to empower families to support their children’s engagement in STEM and to unleash the untapped talent of their children. The long-term success of this project will result in more parents understanding and communicating the promise of STEM to their children, and taking action to change their children’s participation and persistence in STEM.

STEM Family Engagement Planning Tool

A planning tool to support programs in uplifting and empowering all youth and families in STEM.

White Papers & Case Studies

A collection of stories and research for STEM field leaders, practitioners, funders and more to empower families.

Promising Practices

Tips from experts who listen, learn and welcome families.

Family Engagement Blog

STEM Family Engagement Planning Tool

STEM Next has partnered with Drs. Patty Allen and Gil Noam of the Institute for the Study of Resilience in Youth (ISRY) at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School to create the STEM Family Engagement Planning Tool. This Planning Tool introduces a new framework for family engagement in STEM known as CARE: Connect, Act, Reflect, and Empower. CARE is a simple way of organizing ideas from research and practice to provide a shared and equitable vision for family engagement in STEM.

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Million Girls Moonshot

Summer is coming. So is the search for ideas to support summer learning. Let’s not let stereotypes hold us back from providing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) opportunities for girls.

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Mentor Challenge

Starting the new year with a spotlight on mentoring is a good thing. For this year’s National Mentoring campaign we need to do more. More than ever before, our children need the support and guidance of mentors.

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