We believe that STEM learning should be everywhere and for everyone.

But right now, that’s not the reality for the majority of kids. Barriers exist. Too many lack on-ramps that excite, engage, and give them a sense of belonging in STEM.
That’s why we’re accelerating what works to reach more kids and communities, faster.

We’re setting a big goal -
inspiring 20 million more young people with STEM opportunities by 2027.

And we need you.

At STEM Next, we have 4 key levers that transform access and quality of informal STEM learning opportunities across the nation.
STEM leader listening
Growing STEM Leaders

Raising awareness, building skills & connecting problem-solvers across communities

Igniting Innovation

Piloting ideas, strategies & approaches that advance youth outcomes in STEM

Research & Advocacy

Powering lasting change through research, public policy & thought leadership

Tackling national challenges to create seismic STEM learning shifts for millions of youth and educators.

STEM Next leans into hundreds of powerful partnerships to expand thousands of STEM learning opportunities for millions of young people, in all 50 states.

What's Next: Preparing Youth for the Future of Work

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 65% of today’s students will grow up having careers that do not exist yet.


Because the world is changing rapidly – we’re fueling career exploration and building transferable skills across industries and sectors.

Engineering, Computing & Advanced Manufacturing

Some of the fastest growing and best paying STEM jobs, and urgently need more talent and perspectives.


Because it’s the foundational building block kids struggle with most.

AI, Space & Emerging Frontiers

Cutting edge, new collar jobs – topics that kids are really excited about, right now.

Climate & Science

Harnessing innovations in biotechnology and environmental science to help humans and nature thrive.