Growing STEM

Raising awareness, building skills & connecting problem-solvers across communities
We grow STEM leaders – youth, educators, families and STEM champions – on a national scale.
We address the calls from informal educators to provide more data-driven training, elevate youth voices to inspire young people across the country and give leaders the tools to better serve families, communities and the systems contributing to a child’s success. 

Let’s invest in growing the potential of youth, educators and champions to do good– and more of it.

Let’s amplify diverse voices, perspectives and stories that unite everyone behind the power and potential of STEM.

Let’s create structured, intentional experiences to meet people where they are, providing training and development to create and sustain the sea change needed in STEM.

Leaders in Action

Youth Leaders

Flight Crew

Motivated by their impactful STEM experiences outside the classroom, the Flight Crew features nationally located, young leaders, working in their communities to break down stereotypes and spark their peers’ curiosity in STEM.

Out-of-School STEM Academy

Creating opportunities and convenings for out-of-school leaders and educators to get inspired, build confidence, build community, and support professional growth and capacity building.  



Family Engagement Project

Families play a vital role in raising youth awareness of the value of STEM and in brokering youth participation in activities that build STEM interest and skills.

STEM Next Opportunity Fellows

STEM Next deploys Fellows in high-impact placements with Federal Agencies and the White House.

STEM Champions