Teresa Drew

Teresa Drew, Associate Director

Teresa is the Associate Director of STEM Next Opportunity Fund and is responsible for operations and programming. Teresa manages complex projects with partner foundations, collaborations, and networks that build systems of support for STEM learning opportunities in more than 30 states. As part of the management team for the national STEM Learning Ecosystems Initiative, she supports the Initiative’s efforts in more than 50 communities that have demonstrated cross-sector collaborations to deliver rigorous, effective preK-16 instruction in STEM learning.

Teresa is an accomplished nonprofit professional with experience in program creation and management, needs assessments, program research and evaluation, advocacy and campaigns, systems, performance audits and compliance, strategic planning and direction, and general leadership and management. As the co-founder of San Diego United Parents for Education, Teresa has experience and knowledge in education reform efforts from the local to federal level in advocating and empowering the most under-engaged stakeholders in the education system. Teresa holds a California multiple-subject teaching credential and was the co-creator of a long-running early-childhood education program in San Diego. Teresa is a graduate of the University of San Diego’s Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership and Management program.