Ashley Huderson, PhD

Advisor, STEM and CS Equity

Dr. Huderson has extensive experience as a skilled facilitator, leader, academic trainer, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum designer and advocate.

Dr. Huderson has over 15 years of STEM outreach and advocacy in the community developing informal science programs, mentoring STEM majors, equipping parents with tools and resources to encourage their children in STEM, and providing culturally relevant science education pedagogy to teachers. Dr. Huderson also works with local and Federal government agencies, non-profits, and academic institutions to provided leadership support for programs that foster an inclusive climate for pre-collegiate and collegiate STEM students.

Dr. Huderson works in the Office of the Deputy Secretary as a STEM and CS Equity Advisor. Specifically, she worked to develop and implement a STEM and CS strategy that advances the Secretary’s vision for education in America and supports the strategic goals and priorities of the Department.
Previously, Dr. Huderson served as the Director of Engineering Education and Outreach at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, where she led the Engineering Education and Outreach department in designing, planning, organizing, overseeing and implementing educational programs and projects that define ASME’s role and impact in K-12 STEM Education, Engineering Education and Scholarships.
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