Our Work

STEM Next Opportunity Fund is changing the way funders, policymakers, and educators understand the field of STEM learning. Our systemic efforts over the past 18 months include:

Deepening the Field’s Understanding of Family Engagement

Learn about the essential role that family engagement plays in successful STEM programming. Explore promising practices developed by field experts to more effectively engage families in STEM, with a special focus on informal learning settings such as museums, libraries, and afterschool programs.

Organizing What We Know with STEM Ready America

Learn about the state of the STEM learning field in this compendium featuring research and insights from more than 40 contributors. See examples of effective practices, innovative programs, and successful partnerships that are advancing STEM learning and preparing young people to thrive in school and the workforce.

Creating a Systems Building Toolkit

Discover effective tools and resources that inform the work that systems builders in the STEM learning field do to increase the quality and supply of STEM learning opportunities. Use this toolkit to guide the development of concrete strategies and processes for engaging partners, mapping existing efforts, prioritizing action steps, and measuring effectiveness.

Building a Suite of STEM Next Resources

Explore the broad range of topical resources that STEM Next Opportunity Fund produces to build understanding of STEM learning, inform program practices, and advance the case for policies that create more high-quality STEM learning opportunities for all young people.