Our Model

STEM learning opportunities are charging stations

Youth who plug into afterschool get engaged, inspired, and knowledgeable about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEM Next is a national leader in increasing opportunities for STEM learning in and out-of-school in communities across the country, linking and electrifying powerful charging stations so that young people can power up to take an active role in their learning.



Charging stations rely on power grids to provide energy and connectivity. STEM Next acts as a power grid for the charging stations of STEM learning – schools, afterschool and summer programs, youth centers, science museums, libraries, universities, and the private sector.

Outside of School

Afterschool & Summer Programs

Afterschool, youth development and summer programs spark kids’ interest, build their skills, and introduce mentors and career possibilities that fuel kids’ persistence to succeed. STEM Next builds partnerships and systems that expand and improve STEM programs of all kinds.

STEM at School


Schools teach students the skills, habits of mind, and scientific, mathematical, and engineering practices embodied by successful STEM professionals. STEM Next links schools and other charging stations to benefit kids.

Outside of School

Science Centers

STEM organizations like science centers, museums, and universities inspire people of all ages about the wonders and meaning of science in their lives. STEM Next links science centers and other charging stations to deepen the impact of STEM learning for all.

Funding STEM

STEM Funders

Public and private funders provide resources, ideas, and initiatives to link and grow STEM learning opportunities. STEM Next identifies key priorities and gaps, catalyzing new and ongoing investments where they are needed most.


STEM Employers

Public and private sector STEM employers must be at the forefront of reshaping STEM education. STEM Next strives to expand and diversify the pipeline of future STEM workers and leaders.