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Our Mission: Building Inclusion and Opportunity for Millions of Young People and Closing the Gender Gap in STEM Careers

STEM learning is key to breaking the generational cycle of poverty and to reducing income inequality. It greatly enhances educational opportunity and has been particularly effective at advancing children of color and girls. All children, regardless of zip code, race, ethnicity, national origin or gender have a basic right to the opportunity to prepare for the knowledge-based economy.

STEM Learning in Afterschool Works

Evaluating results from 160 programs in 11 states, The Afterschool & STEM System-Building Evaluation 2016 revealed important results: Participating in afterschool STEM programs improves students’ reported attitudes, knowledge, and skills.

The PEAR Institute and IMMAP: Institute for Measurement, Methodology, Analysis & Policy at Texas Tech University conducted an analysis of student self-reported change shows that participation in a STEM afterschool program greatly increases positive attitudes towards STEM. Because of their afterschool experience:

  • 78% of students said they are more interested in STEM
  • 73% of students said they had a more positive STEM identity
  • 80% of students said their STEM career knowledge increased

Join our mission to create STEM learning opportunities for all young people.

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