Role Models & Mentors Inspire Career Awareness

young woman being mentored

Role models and mentors inspire career awareness and increase youth interest in, positive attitudes toward, and identification with STEM (Maltese & Tai, 2010). 

Research demonstrates that career role models are particularly effective in engaging youth from underserved groups (Bell, Chetty, Jaravel, Petkova, & Reenan, 2017). 

Key components of afterschool programs, mentoring and exposure to STEM role models have been proven to effectively promote a sense of belonging in STEM, particularly for youth of color (Herrenkohl, Lee, Kong, Nakamura, Imani, Nasu, Hartman, Pennant, Tran, Wang, Eslami, Whittlesey, Whittlesey, Huynh, Jung, Batalon, Bell, & Taylor, 2019; Mroczkowski, Harris, & Skeeles-Worley, 2021).

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