Engineering Practices Support Equity: Part I

Engineering Practices Support Equity: Part I

Experts: Christine Cunningham & Shannon McManus

Interested in developing professional development focused on engineering mindset in youth? Wondering how to do this in equitable ways that encourage engagement and participation of girls and other underrepresented youth? This webinar, the first in a three-part series, focuses on three core engineering practices:

  • Using a systematic problem-solving process
  • Exploring the properties and uses of materials, and
  • Considering real-world problems.

We’ll explore these briefly, highlighting how implementing the practice can help create inclusive learning experiences. In small groups, participants will examine resources that can support the practice and discuss how to use or modify them to foster engagement with engineering practices toward development of an engineering mindset. Educators and professional development providers will leave with a deeper understanding of the specific practices and concrete ideas and resources for infusing these into engineering programming and training.

Audience: For program staff (directors, STEM specialists, line staff) in your state