Virtual STEM Summit 2019

Tracy Callahan, Ph.D.

STEM Training, Coaching & Network Manager, The PEAR Institute

Tracy Callahan, Ph.D., is the STEM Training, Coaching and Network Manager at The PEAR Institute. Her graduate research in neuroscience focused on the interactions between the nervous and immune systems. While in graduate school, she had the opportunity to mentor students, which got her thinking about how to get more youth excited about science! She pursued this interest by joining the team at Boston University’s CityLab Biotech outreach program as an educator and lab manager. She then created, developed, and directed the Biogen Community Lab for 15 years. Her passion to provide opportunities to spark interest in STEM in youth continues, but she has become increasingly interested in thinking about the importance of quality in STEM programming and its impact, especially on under-served populations. Now at PEAR, she is excited to be part of a team directly working towards assessing and improving the quality of STEM programming nationwide.