Training Participant Survey

Training Participant Survey


Background about the Instrument 

To better understand how afterschool and summer programs are engaging with professional development offerings from the Moonshot, the Training Participant Survey includes a brief set of questions for Networks to incorporate into after-series surveys with participants in professional learning communities or other in-depth learning experiences.

Survey questions can either be incorporated into existing surveys that are distributed to training participants, or the online version of the survey linked below can be shared directly with participants. Each Network will submit the Training Participant Survey results to the Moonshot. If 20+ survey responses are received from a training session, Public Profit will share results. 

The survey is available for distribution now.

Survey Link


Survey Questions

See Appendix B of the Toolkit for survey questions if you elect to embed questions into an existing survey. Or use this link to make your own copy using Google Forms.


Outreach Collateral:

Watch this video to help figure out which survey option best suits your needs. 


Submission Process(es)

MGM requests that the Training Participant Survey be administered directly to training participants via the link shared above. This ensures data is shared directly with the Moonshot. 


If Networks opt to include these questions in an existing survey, we request that individual survey results are posted in an excel spreadsheet via the Google Drive shared below. Please ensure the following information is included in the title of the file: 

  • Name of Afterschool Network
  • Name of Training Event, PLC, CoP, etc. 
  • Contact Information for a point of contact should more information be required


Submit Training Participant Survey Data via this Google Folder.