The Noyce Foundation Legacy

The Noyce Foundation was created by the Noyce family in 1990 to honor the

memory and legacy of Dr. Robert N. Noyce, co-founder of Intel and inventor of the

integrated circuit which fueled the personal computer revolution and gave Silicon

Valley its name.

Although he was an individual of daunting talents and intellect who was honored by

two presidents as well as his academic and industry peers around the world, Robert

Noyce also remained a humble and approachable man who believed fervently in


In everything the Noyce Foundation undertook, they were committed to promoting

the qualities that Robert Noyce embodied:

  • Optimism
  • Creativity
  • Risk taking
  • Determination

A central challenge of any society is preparing its children to move forward to

productive, responsible, and satisfying lives. This is especially complicated now

given the rapid structural change in our economy, the domestic and global fiscal

challenges, and the infusion of technology into every aspect of our lives.

As a result of the huge challenges that our society faces in helping children move to

maturity, the Noyce Foundation broadened the statement of its mission. The

overriding goal of the Noyce Foundation was to help adults guide young people into

productive lives. They sought to build effective supports in designed environments

for adults who are seeking to guide children’s healthy social and intellectual