STEM transitions and Handoffs with Jobs for the Future

About JFF

JFF is a national nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems. For over 35 years, JFF has led the way in designing and scaling innovative solutions that create access to economic advancement for all. JFF innovates, identifies solutions that work and partners with state and community leaders to drive transformation in state, regional, and local education and workforce development systems.

Opportunity is closed and not accepting interest forms. 

Description of the Opportunity

Participating Networks Teams: 3 Networks will be elegible for this Booster Pack

Training – Receive 5, 1.5 – 2 hour training sessions, ‘Launch Institute’, to introduce teams to the conceptual and technical aspects of the Possible Futures program and critical implementation strategies using a train-the-trainer model.

Strategic Advising – Receive minimum of 10 hours strategic advising session to: 1) consider how to integrate and sequence the PF curriculum into the vision, goals, and programming of their afterschool networks’ work; and 2) develop a strategic plan for integrating the program into the core architecture of their programming.

Site-Based Coaching – Receive ten, 1 hour one-on-one coaching sessions for each site-based lead/coordinator in each state during program implementation (e.g., Summer 2021; Fall 2021) to build their capacity to own and lead the Possible Futures work.

Professional Learning Community – Participate in 3, 90 minute virtual PLC conversations that will support peer-to-peer learning during implementation and provide an informal venue to elevate problems of practice, engage in collective problem solving, share best practices, resources, and expertise, and engage in lesson study.

End of the Year “Take Stock Session” – Participate in a half-day, end-of-year event for Cohort 1 leaders and practitioners.

Commitment from Network

1. State Networks will need to identify a team to attend Launch Institute, participant in individual strategic advising, site based coaching, and professional learning community.

2. Network Teams will liaise with Sabrina Gomez to ensure all aspects of the Booster Pack are met.


  1. State Networks with a focus on STEM pathways, transitions, and career explorartion
  2. State Network and participating programs commitment to fully paricipate in all aspects of the Booster Pack


January 2021Network Leads apply with Network team in mind; Networks notified by February.

February – March 2021Trainging “Launch Event” and strategic planning sessions

April – May 2021Strategic planning sessions continue and site based coaching for summer implementation begins

June – August 2021 – Planning and coaching for implementation for summer and fall, PLC meeting #1

September – October 2021 – Planning and coaching for implementation; PLC meeting #2

November – December 2021 – Coaching for implementation, PLC meeting #3, and end of the year take stock session