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STEM Ready America

STEM Ready America is a compendium from 40 authors presenting bold and persuasive evidence—as well as real-world examples of effective practices, programs, and partnerships—on how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) knowledge and skills are preparing young people to be successful in school today and the workforce tomorrow.

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STEM learning is key to breaking the generational cycle of poverty and to reducing income inequality. It greatly enhances educational opportunity and has been particularly effective at advancing children of color and girls. All children, regardless of zip code, race, ethnicity, national origin or gender have a basic right to the opportunity to prepare for the knowledge-based economy.

STEM Learning in Afterschool Works

Evaluating results from 160 programs in 11 states, The Afterschool & STEM System-Building Evaluation 2016 revealed important results: Participating in afterschool STEM programs improves students’ reported attitudes, knowledge, and skills.

The PEAR Institute and IMMAP: Institute for Measurement, Methodology, Analysis & Policy at Texas Tech University conducted an analysis of student self-reported change shows that participation in a STEM afterschool program greatly increases positive attitudes towards STEM. 

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The Power of Collaboration: Fuel for the Million Girls Moonshot

We have already been laying the foundation for the 2021-2022 school year to accelerate learning with the launch of our Million Girl Moonshot (MGM). But making MGM a reality requires a collection of like-minded companies. Creating universal access to quality STEM learning outside of the classroom requires buy-in and collaboration from partners across the country and from all sectors. The STEM community must embark on this mission collectively.

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STEM Family Engagement Planning Tool

STEM Next has partnered with Drs. Patty Allen and Gil Noam of the Institute for the Study of Resilience in Youth (ISRY) at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School to create the STEM Family Engagement Planning Tool. This Planning Tool introduces a new framework for family engagement in STEM known as CARE: Connect, Act, Reflect, and Empower. CARE is a simple way of organizing ideas from research and practice to provide a shared and equitable vision for family engagement in STEM.

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Welcome Back to Afterschool: Finding Our STEM Superpower with Family Engagement

The afterschool community has stepped up with its superpower in responding to the education, social, economic, and health challenges of the past year and half for different communities. What they’ve had in common is creating deeper partnerships with families.

STEM Next has taken notice of how out-of-school-time leaders expanded their mission to meet the immediate needs of families in their communities while reimagining how to deliver STEM programming. Programs supplied STEM resources with meals, diapers, and homework packets. Staff went into homes to help grandparents set up laptops and Internet connections for their grandchildren. Afterschool programs delivered STEM activities and materials –with some resourceful new partners like football players and food service workers— so that youth could access them at home.

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