PEAR’s Common Instrument Suite & Dimensions of Success

PEAR’s Common Instrument Suite & Dimensions of Success

The Dimensions of Success (DoS), is an observation tool that measures the quality of students’ STEM learning experiences. DoS is used in two important ways. It can be used as a self-assessment observation tool for STEM program administrators and staff so they can understand the strengths and weaknesses in their programming. DoS can also be used by external evaluators or funders to track quality in programs over time and/or quality across a city or a state. To learn more about the DoS Observer Certification Process, click here.

Common Instrument Suite-Student (CIS-S) is a 39-item student self-report survey that measures a variety of STEM-related attitudes, including STEM engagement, STEM career knowledge, and STEM identity.The CIS-S is best suited for younger students (4th grade and up) who are attending programs with limited time to administer survey. The survey should be completed at the end of programming, but we encourage you to avoid the last day as it is usually less typical.


CIS-E enables programs to capture key information about who is leading STEM activities, educators’ levels of support and perceived efficacy in delivering STEM content, and perceived ease of incorporating DoS-aligned practices.The survey was designed for any in and OST staff leading or co-leading STEM activities and can be implemented as a standalone tool or alongside the CIS-S and/or DoS to create a holistic picture of the quality and impact of your programming.


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