Core Beliefs and Values

core beliefs

STEM is for everyone.
STEM is everywhere.
Out of school time is critical.
System change is transformational.
Core Values

We Put People First

We have empathy for those who we work with and for, and we treat people with dignity and professionalism. We learn from one another and are open to different perspectives.

We Work In Partnership

We are strongest and achieve more when we work in partnership and collaborate. We build trust through honest relationships, transparency, and a commitment to doing what’s best for kids.

We have a STEM-Minded Approach

We live by the tenets of STEM: experimentation & failure are part of the process. We see STEM everywhere. We take calculated risks and think of creative ways to solve problems and respond to evidence.

Our Impact Matters

We make sure our work matters. We define metrics for success and drive towards them. We ensure everything we do is evidence-backed and aligned to our mission. We strive to do the right thing and do it well, even when we think no one is looking. We are obsessed with impact.

We are Adaptable

We challenge the status quo with innovation, focus, and urgency. We are flexible and responsive to the needs of families. We make sure we’re working on the most important things first.

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