Maker-Centered Learning Community of Practice with the Makers + Mentors Network

Opportunity is closed.

About Makers + Mentors Network

Makers + Mentors Network, a STEM initiative of Citizen Schools, partners with communities and organizations to uplift STEM mentoring and maker-centered learning as essential tools to build a stronger, more diverse workforce. Recognizing that unlike talent, opportunity and access are not equally distributed, we focus on underserved and underrepresented students, including girls, students of color and youth from low-income communities. Makers + Mentors Network advances its mission through three primary models: a National Community of Practice, Make For All, and Maker Fellows. Learn more about the Makers + Mentors Network here.

Description of Opportunity

Maker-centered learning is an effective approach to onboarding and engaging students with diverse backgrounds and interests in the Engineering Mindset. Environments which successfully foster inclusive maker-centered learning enable students to step through high-quality engineering experiences which build their confidence and abilities. As a result, these students believe that STEM is for them- they can see themselves in these fields and professions. Maker-centered learning can help cultivate specific critical features of high-quality engineering experiences, including:

1. Tackling real-word problems,
2. Investigating the properties and uses of materials,
3. Envisioning multiple solutions,
4. Applying science and math knowledge to problem solving,
5. Evaluating designs and making improvements,
6. Persisting and learning from failure, and
7. Working effectively in teams.

Participants Commit To:

1. Community of Practice Sessions – Attend five, 90 minute sessions where participants will learn about research, approaches, programs and models that are empowering girls and young women to pursue their interests in STEM and stay engaged in these fields through maker-centered learning.
2. Pre-Session Work – Complete light pre-work that will take no longer than 30 minutes.
3. Coaching Sessions – Receive at least one, 1 hour coaching session with the leaders of the Makers + Mentors Network team.

Target Audience

1. Minimum of 2 people per state: An Afterschool State Networks Lead or STEM/Moonshot staff AND key Moonshot partners and/or program providers who have leadership within their organization to extend the resources from this community of practice across other partners. Members of the Makers + Mentors Network who are interested in participating should connect with their Afterschool State Network.

2. Open to all Afterschool State Networks (Ready for Lift Off, Capacity Builders, and Innovators).

Networks and participating programs: Maximum of 30 participants total will be selected to participate; One participant must be from the Afterschool State Network and additional participants should have leadership within their organization to extend the training and resources from this community of practice across other partners.


  • July 12 – August 13: Recruitment period
  • August 30: Participants notified of participation
  • October – December: Participants attend five, 90 minute sessions, complete 30 minutes of pre-work before each session, participate in a one hour coaching call, complete either a two page draft proposal or action plan, and culminating survey.

Learn more about the opportunity here.