Let’s talk what’s possible

Let’s talk what’s possible

America would have four times as many inventors if more women and minorities had the same support and exposure to role models as higher-income white men.

Let’s talk what’s possible for young people, educators, and the public if we include Invention Education as part of a comprehensive STEM approach, with a concentrated effort to spread the practice to communities who are too often underrepresented in STEM fields. (Special thanks to our friends at The Lemelson Foundation for helping us understand all things Invention Education.)

Invention Education is a powerful educational approach that teaches the unique ways inventors find and solve problems. When students experience Invention Education, it:

  • Helps students identify and create new possibilities for themselves and their world.
  • Acts as a catalyst for deeper learning and engagement with STEM education and adjacent disciplines.
  • Prepares students to thrive in a future yet to be determined, in industries yet to be imagined, and in jobs yet to be created.

As we head into the last week of our October #GirlsLeadSTEM campaign, I want to introduce you all to three rock-star inventors, role-models extraordinaire, and champions for girls and women in STEM. Our #MillionGirlsMoonshot partner @Qualcomm, @QualcommforGood celebrate the power of invention and the importance of changing the narrative around who is and who can be an inventor.

Meet the Inventors

LOLA AWONIYI-OTERI a Qualcomm Technologies Incorporated engineer and prolific inventor, shares the importance of strong mentors, teamwork and family support in her innovation journey.

KATHERINE JIN fostered her passion for innovation with Qualcomm’s STEM education collaborator, VentureWell. Now, she is co-founder and Chief Technology Office of an infection prevention company and the inventor of a pioneering color technology to revolutionize how the world uses disinfectants.

AVANTI RAMRAJ, a student inventor and aspiring STEM professional, discovered her passion for innovation while participating in FIRST robotics.