Jobs for the Future




Jobs for the Future (JFF) 

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JFF drives transformation of the American workforce and education systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all.

JFF’s Possible Futures helps K-12 and afterschool leaders build a system for career exploration.

The Possible Futures Career Exploration Curriculum provides career exploration for middle and high school age youth, with a vision that every young person will gain the foundational knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to make critical decisions about their future with confidence.

Work with JFF

JFF offers services to support state and district offices, networks, and nonprofits in the launch, piloting, and scaling of Possible Futures in a variety of settings and contexts including STEM afterschool networks.


Career Exploration Curriculum


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Employability Skills for Success– Learners develop essential employability skills focusing on growth mindset, collaboration, communication, and self-regulation.





Lenses on the Future– Learners chart paths to future success through the lenses of self, security, and society by identifying their personal interests and strengths, researching careers, considering the lives they want to lead, and exploring potential ways they can contribute to society.





STEMploration– Learners explore the roles of STEM professionals in the fields of information technology, health sciences, cybersecurity, and engineering and tackle challenges based on real-world problems.