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DiscoverE – Future City

Future City is an authentic project-based program that brings STEM to life for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Doing things that engineers do, kids build cities of the future showcasing their solution to a citywide sustainability issue. This year’s challenge — climate change. Throughout the fall, participants work in teams of at least three students, an educator, and volunteer mentor to bring their vision of their future city to life. They will imagine what it’s like like to walk down the main street of a city 100 years in the future. What do they see, hear, smell, and feel? From this starting point, they will design a futuristic city with innovative solutions to some of today’s most pressing sustainability issues. Educators will receive a step-by-step guide, an electronic dashboard, 30+ activities, STEM mentor and be eligible for a regional competition.


Target Audience

Best suited for program staff: teachers and afterschool educators who facilitating afterschool STEM programming with youth.



August 19: Deadline to register for the Future City Program. All participants will be automatically registered to participate.

September: Research and Brainstorm

October: Design your city

November: Build your city

January 2023: Present your city at regional competitions

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About DiscoverE

DiscoverE is the backbone organization behind National Engineers Week™ (established 1951), Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day™ (2001), World Engineering Day (2016, formerly known as Global Day of the Engineer), the Persist Series (2005), and the Future City Competition™ (1993).

Our programs and resources have been adopted by individuals and organizations around the globe. Our programs cover pre-k to work force and intersect at the points of corporate social responsibility, public affairs, and talent acquisition. They are highly collaborative, represent the breadth of engineering, and are compelling yet simple to execute. This strategy enables organizational partners, volunteers, and educators to effectively reach millions of students, parents, and young adults with the message that engineers work with smart, inspiring people to invent, design, and create things that matter.


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