ACRES Booster Pack: Become an ACRES Coach



Booster Pack: Become an ACRES Coach (Afterschool Coaching for Reflective Educators in STEM) in the Moonshot ACRES Leaders Hub

In partnership with the Million Girls Moonshot, the ACRES team is looking for job-secure afterschool program leaders (i.e. Site Directors, Site Coordinators, STEM Specialists, Professional Development and Training staff) who work directly with frontline staff to be trained to become an ACRES Virtual STEM Coach. As an ACRES Virtual STEM Coach, you will be expected to build your organization’s capacity by training 3 to 6 members of your staff in at least 2 ACRES modules. An experienced ACRES coach will guide you in this process, and you will have the support of other Million Girls Moonshot professionals as you engage in this work together. This is your chance to be part of an educational change on how we train and support educators to facilitate high quality, engaging STEM that reaches all youth.

The cohort will begin on November 4th, and initial training will continue into the new year. In early 2023, you will be ready to launch ACRES cohorts in your program and to further ignite STEM learning in your staff and youth. There will be additional, though optional, times for new coaches to connect with other ACRES coaches and their mentor coaches. If you are able to coach cohorts in the 2023-2024 school year, you will receive additional funding for each cohort you complete in that school year.

Target Audience

Open to all job-secure afterschool leaders in the field who work directly with frontline staff — Site Directors, Site Coordinators, STEM Specialists, Professional Development and Training staff

Priority will be given to those who will make a two-year commitment (2022-2023 and 2023-2024) with continued funding and support for cohorts coached in the second year.


Participants Receive

  1. A $500 stipend to become trained as an ACRES coach
    1. 10 hours of professional learning for you as a leader (which includes 3 engaging, virtual training sessions, each 2-hours in length, with an experienced ACRES coach)
    2. Support from a mentor coach for the entire 2022-2023 year 
  2. A $1000 stipend for every cohort that you complete (i.e., $2000 for coaching two cohorts)
  3. By coaching two cohorts, you deliver approximately 12 hours of professional development to your staff
  4. Access to all ACRES modules and supplemental materials
  5. Access to a Zoom room if needed for your ACRES sessions

Participants Commitments

In order to receive the full benefits and stipends outlined above, we ask participants to commit to the following:

  1. Engage in 10 hours of learning the content and modules to become a Virtual STEM coach. Learn about the Asking Purposeful Questions module, as well as highlights of the math and engineering modules.
  2. Meet on three separate Fridays (November 4th, December 9th, and January 13th at 12:00pm Eastern Time) for two hours each session to be trained to become a Virtual STEM coach. 
  3. Lead two cohorts of ACRES professional development each year. The first between January 2023 –  April 2023 and the second between April 2023 – August 2023. We anticipate that each cohort you lead will require 10 hours of your time. 
    • We are available to co-facilitate your first professional development with you to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.



  • November 23, 2022: Deadline to sign up to be part of the ACRES Million Girls Moonshot Hub
  • December 9, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Time: The ACRES MGM Hub training session begins
  • January 13, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Time: Second ACRES MGM Hub training session 
  • February 10, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Time: Third ACRES MGM Hub training session
  • February – April 2023: Coach your first ACRES cohort on Asking Purposeful Questions with afterschool staff in your network. These cohorts are three live, interactive online sessions, each 2 hours in length.
  • April 2023 – August 2023: Coach your second ACRES cohort with a focus on either Facilitating Math or Engineering Practices
  • Throughout November 2022- August 2023: Connect with your ACRES MGM leaders hub and mentor coach to reflect, receive support, and share how you are adapting the ACRES materials to fit the needs of your community.

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What is ACRES? 

ACRES (Afterschool Coaching for Reflective Educators in STEM), provides live virtual coaching for educators who want to hone their STEM facilitation skills. We offer coaching in 8 different skills, including the Engineering Process and Math Practices, which directly aligns with MGM’s goals and resources.  ACRES sessions are hands-on and engaging. We meet educators where they are and support them as they reflect on practice.



ACRES is a nationally acclaimed coaching program that builds knowledge and skills so that afterschool educators, librarians, and anyone who works with youth in out-of-school settings can confidently facilitate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) experiences with youth. Thanks to generous funding from several national foundations, the program is currently offered at no cost to participants. The program was launched in 2015 as a project of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance and received National Science Foundation funding for a scale-up grant in 2021. Participating in the ACRES series will help afterschool educators build facilitation skills and confidence in STEM. To learn more about ACRES click here